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Day 4

KM 650 - Miranda

100 KM
medium-strong headwind, then sunny, later rain, 34 °C
7:20 - 17:00

I decided to try the 100 km to Miranda, in spite of my sore bum (it was getting seriously painful by then). But until noon I had to face a pretty strong headwind and didn't even make the 10 km/h average. =(
Scammed some rice and beans from some workers for lunch and continued on really good asphalt. The wind had stopped and I could make up for the time I lost in the morning.. The rest of the day was just eating kms and ignoring the pain.
Spotted animals: 2 alligators at the side of the road (dead), including vultures and a 3m anteater, dead as well. What a beautiful creature, a pity that it had died T.T Some smaller living mammals crossed the street in front of me, but couldn't identify them.
Cycled the last 5 km in rain. In Miranda I found the perfect spot for dinner - All-you-can-eat for a ~4us$. Awesomeeeeee =)
In the end, that water caused some serious health issues, my bum's bleeding and I'm thinking of giving up the whole thing. Yea.


Smile if you still can

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Day 3

KM 690 - Buraco das Piranhas - KM 650

sunny, no wind, 33 °C
7:30 - 16:00

Woke up at sunrise to the sound of thousands of birds. My map said it's another 30 km to the village of Buraco das Piranhas, where I wanted to stock up on food and water and get my bicycle fixed to take the 100 km to Miranda a bit more relaxed. It turned out to be two small huts, no more. At least I could buy a meal there. They didn't sell water, though. No water - no cycling. So I tried to get on a bus to Miranda but, you guessedit, they didn' want to carry my bike. So I had no other choice than to hope I'll find food on the way and filling my bottle with swamp water (tasty green, yummy). The guy there said I could drink it without problems. Asshole. :P
10 km and some fried fish later I found two families living in a basic campsite under a bridge. With my non-existing Portuguese I asked for a place to sling my hammock. I didn't understand anything and so didn' they ^^ But those guys were so friendly and never lost patience with me. Living there must be hard. No electricity or facilities and the next village is a 100 km away. The basically live from the fish in the rivers.

Sidenote: With that day I have been away from home for 18 months!

That's the spirit!


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Day 2

Corumbá- KM 690

~90 KM
sunny, light headwind, 29 °C
8:00 - 17:00

Okay then, let's see what this bike is good for!
First of all, I got lost on my way out of Corumbá and had to backtrack a couple of ks ;) In the future, I will always ask someone for the way. That was just frustrating after 10 min. >.<
Anyways, the worst thing on this bike is the saddle. It's a real pain in the ass, actually just a piece of metal with leather cover. It made my backside sore after already 2 hours.

These first 90 km led me straight into the Pantanal, world's largest swamp. I saw toucans, parrots, vultures and thousands of birds of prey. No bigger animals though.
No villages either. At a gas station I stocked up on bisquits and that was everything for that day. Resolution #2: Gonna check my route on google maps or carry enough food and water for one or two days...
I wanted to camp at about km 700, but it's basically only swamp and road - no way to hide a hammock. I had to ride another 10 km until I found a dry patch next to the road behind some tall grass... Sunset is definately too late to set up camping gear.

To increase my chances of spotting a bigger animal, for example, say, an alligator, I had my emergency can of tuna and cut my finger. Spilled both oil and blood generously.
Seriously, this wildlife is exceptional. I don't know what exactly crept around my hammock the whole night, but some of them sounded big.

It got bitterly cold at night. I dreamt of wrapping myself into a thick blanket and someone offering me a cup of hot tea. Am I in the tropics, or what?!

Still happy after one hour

The nature and me

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